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Cancelation policy

Cancelation 15 days prior arrival

If for any reason you need to change your date of venue and you send us an email at least 15 days prior your arrival date then you can rebook at not additional cost whenever you want, without time limitations.


Once you are in the camp

If for any reason during your stay you need to leave the camp or want to leave the camp we won't refund you at all. Doesn't matter if you leave the camp the first day or the last day. 


Vauchers validity and policy of cancelation

Vaucher are valide for 1 year except the ones that have been extended with the acceptance of LAOLA by email. Extended voucher can not be refunded after one year of the buying date.

Extended vauchers are usually if not specified valide for one more year.


Accident during your stay

If you have an accident during your stay  and you can't participate to one of the activities we will issue a vaucher for the next time you come with the activities you can participate for free.

Flights delays or cancelation

If for any reasons your flight could land in Fuerteventura or has been canceled on the same day you should arrive then we can reschedule and rebook a new date for your surf camp at any date without restrictions.

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